Drake and Eminem Might Go at It

Drake vs eminem

As all well know, Drake is a super-successful artist who doesn’t have to answer challenges from artists who are not also super-successful. Yet, for the past month he’s been engaged in a feud with Joe Budden, a veteran emcee from New Jersey who dared to criticize Drake’s Views on a podcast. Drake’s sent out a few subliminals on a record; a few direct shots on the concert stage; a few bitter, angry DMs to Budden on Instagram; and a few stans to Budden’s house. Meanwhile, Budden’s released four diss tracks. (Details can be found here.) All in all, it’s been a rather insubstantial beef so far: Drake’s status is never going to be threatened by a figure as obscure as Budden, even if Budden’s disses hit home.

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